The AVACEN device increases microcirculation which delivers oxygen and nutrients and removes toxins at the cell level giving the body what it needs to relax.


Soothe by AVACEN, is a new concept that uses a noninvasive, non-significant risk, heating system to warm the hand in a vacuum which engages the parasympathetic nervous system which inhibits the body from overworking and restores the body to a calm and composed state (relaxation).

Simply said AVACEN warms the body from the inside out producing results similar to meditation.

Scientists have shown that relaxation practices lower heart rates, blood pressure and oxygen consumption, and they alleviate the symptoms associated with a vast array of conditions, including hypertension, arthritis, insomnia, depression, infertility, cancer, anxiety, even aging

American Psychological Association, 2008, Vol 39, No. 9 page 32


Today, many traditional medical approaches are being enhanced with applied technology solutions. The AVACEN device is one of these. It is a patented, systemic, heat delivery innovation used to improve circulation and help your body relax. Science has shown that those who regularly relax induced anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory changes that counteracted the effects of stress on the body.


  • Intelligent hand sensor.
  • Adaptable heat for your comfort.
  • Adjustable treatment time.
  • Easy to read screen.
  • One-button push.
  • Does not require professional assistance.


Relaxation reduces stress and the symptoms of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Being relaxed can help ease stress and help you focus on important tasks. It can also relieve sleep problems. To relax means to calm the mind, the body, or both. Relaxation reduces the body’s metabolism. It increases the immune response, helps attention and decision making, and changes gene activities that are the opposite of those associated stress. With the AVACEN you may renew your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Slowing heart rate.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Slowing your breathing rate.
  • Improving digestion.
  • Maintaining normal blood sugar levels.
  • Reducing activity of stress hormones.
  • Increasing blood flow to major muscles.
  • Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain.